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15KNXYL ALCOHOL                              195

tainintf the ben/.yl chloride is repeatedly frac-
t-ollitted Linlil 21 liquid is obtained, boiling at 176 ~i8o, wl.ich
is nearly pure l.XMi/yl chloride. Meld 80 90 grains.

C'ti M r^ H3 + Cl, - C,;I IAC1 -LCI -I- HC1.

f*ropcrtii?s* ------ Oolourless liquid with an irritating- smell ; b. p.

176 ; sp. gT.   I "107 at 14".    See Appendix, p. 299.

1* UK PA RATION   87.

"B enzyl Alcohol, c:,j 1 1 ,C 1 1 ,0 11
-l )aum, Widmau, /A1;*., 1892, 25, 3290.

20 yrrnis%   lji.*n/yl I'hloride.
16       ,,          j>olassiuiu (,:arl)on;Ue (in 200 c.c. water).
In a round llask (i litiv) attached to a reflux condenser,
the mixtiiro of ben/yl chloride and jxitassiuni (sarl)onate
solution over \vi re-^auzc: with the addition of a few bits of porous
pot. The l3<>Slin^ must be continued until the smell of benzyl
chloride hrts <1 inrt ppeared (6- 8 hours). Extract the liquid with
etlner, clehyclrsito over potassium carbonate, decant through a
filter and clistil off the ether on the water-bath. Continue the
distillation, ovor \virc-^au/.c, run the water out of the condenser
and collect a.t ^200 -2 id3. Yield 12 ...... 15 grains.
2CGH6CMoCl   -4-   I I/') -f-.K,<;0;l - 2C()flr,Cl I,OI I + 2KC1 + C02.
properties.. --Colourless Jiquid with a faint aromatic smell;
ID. p. 206-5 ; SI>- l^1"- 1*05 at 15*4 ; moderately soluble in water.
JRe&ctiorzs*  - J . Boil 2 or 3 drops with 2 3 c.c. dilute nitric
acicl ( I H N O:i74. T I ./J) ; Ijcnxaklehydc is first formed and is detected
by the smell. On continued boiling, benzoic acid is formed and
separates on. oooling in crystals.                                      
-2. Warm 1 o.t*. of the alcohol with i c.c. concentrated hydro-
clilorlc acicL 'J'he clear solution becomes turbid and benzyl
clilorkle scpz.ii*:ites out.
C(;I I,,C: ILOM + MCI  C0H6CH.,Cl + HSO
Sec Ajf>f>c/'itf/~\:) p. 300,